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Little Ned Stories 128 pages 44 B&W Illustrations
Little Ned Stories Three stories describe the adventures of a six- (almost) seven-year old boy living in West Virginia in the 1950s.
1.    No Soap: Little Ned and Mr. Jenkins search the West Virginia countryside — blacksmith, brickyard, movie house and the country store — looking for the "man with the money."
2.    The Boy Who Hated Halloween: Little Ned goes to a Halloween party with Casper, Snow White, Pocahontas, and Frankenstein and gets the surprise of his life.
3.    The Ocean Vacation: Little Ned overcomes his fear of things in the water — spiders, snakes and slimy, goopy things and learns how to swim.

"Here's an interesting idea — a chapter book for the younger set. The book contains three separate stories — yarns if you will — about a six-year-old West Virginian named Ned and his rural lifestyle in the 1950s. The stories are divided into small, easy to read chapters and are what you might call 'wholesome' — an antidote to current tendencies."
— Elaine Gant, Los Angeles Family Magazine

More Little Ned Stories 112 pages  
More Little Ned Stories Nine stories, each with chapters, describe the continuing adventures of Little Ned. As in the first book, he is at the center of things trying to make sense of the world around him. Mysteries abound: Is friend Urshy a little witch like she says? Is Santa real? Where are the coal miners? Is first grade for dumb kids like Billy Smith says? Why is Laura such a tattletale? Why don't Mother and Daddy believe in ghosts? In the process of answering his questions, Little Ned (and the reader) reach a better understanding of what life has to offer.

"Like the first book, Little Ned still has to deal with some real life issues: friendships, school, grownup words, and the existence (or not) of ghosts. In my favorite story, The Coal Miner's Canary, Little Ned's insight of life in a small mining town, the simple daily routine and the observations he makes end up saving the day. This thought-provoking yet humorous book reach the higher-level thinkers and readers, and fills the gaps in the market between easy readers and the harder chapter books.
— Alison Vooris, Enrichment Specialist, Sudlersville, Maryland

Ned Ventures 64 pages 2 photos
Ned Ventures "This charming collection of stories reminds us that, even though times have changed and grown more complex, life's most fundamental lessons endure. Like a game of shooting marbles, Ned Ventures sees its young hero bumping from one teen plight to another — losing a paper route, failing a friend, tackling a bike race — and more like Alfalfa than Spanky, Ned and his gang take us back to the ever-present past in this endearing and humorous read."
— Kate Waites, English Professor, Southeastern University
"The most intriguing thing about this small paperback is that it reminds one of William Bennett's The Book of Virtues. Bennet's book is 800 pages long, while Ventures is 64. But the same themes discussed by Bennett run through the story topics in this book for they are used to describe a way of life for a group of teens that would be difficult today anywhere in the United States."
— Martena B. Taliaferro, Educational Consultant, Maryland

The Balloon Galloon 24 pages Illustrated throughout
The Balloon Galloon This is the first book to present a children's fantasy character for one of life's most enduring mysteries: the inability of children to hold onto their balloons and suffer their losses gracefully.

SYNOPSIS: Children all over the world are losing their balloons to a mysterious faraway force. Not satisfied with his usual quota of lost balloons, the Galloon is luring balloons to his lair in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Ping happens on the scene, confronts the Galloon and, using a combination of reason and pressure, convinces the Galloon to return the balloons to their rightful owners: the children of the world!

"Recently, my 4-year-old was devastated when his balloon drifted up to a high ceiling. I picked up The Balloon Galloon as his bedtime story that evening, not knowing it told of a creature that eats balloons lost by children all over the world. No book could have fit the occasion better, and several days after that my grandson would mention Ping, the hero of the story and want reassurance that there really isn't a creature as the Balloon Galloon. It's a book children will enjoy and remember."
— Harry Wiant, Morgantown, West Virginia

How the Frog Got his BREE-DUP! 24 pages Illustrated throughout
How the Frog Got his BREE-DUP! One hundred years ago Rudyard Kipling told us how the whale got his throat, the camel his hump, the leopard his spots and the rhinooceros his skin. Now, at long last, Edward Allan Faine tells us how the frog got his voice. The frog's first word: freedom (BREE-DUP!). His second word: rabbit (RIB-BIT!).

We not only learn how and why the frog first croaked, but are reminded of life's verities: that rights are not endowed, but secured by protest; that nothing is gained without effort; that communion with our fellow man and nature are utmost; and that we are all here to discover our voice, our uniqueness, our individuality. All these things play out in this triumphal tale of a frog who, when it counts most, finds his voice. BREE-DUP!

How-To Cowboy Joke Book 64 pages 20 illustrations
How-To Cowboy Joke Book A natural companion to the How-To Cowboy fun and tricks book, this book shows kids — step-by-step — how to make up:
WHATSA JOKES: Did you see the henway? What's a henway? About 4 pounds!
PHONE MESSAGE JOKES: Hello. This is the ocean. We need a shrimp!
IF-YOU-WERE-A JOKES: If you were a dog, what would be your favorite part of the tree? Bark!
FROG JOKES: What do you get when you cross a frog with a snake? A jump rope!

This book is crammed with sample jokes to help children climb to the top of laugh mountain, including — and are you ready for this — 400 frog jokes! The book also includes the How-To Cowboy's own unuseless inventions (funny photos) and droodles (funny cartoons).

Bebop Babies 22 pages 22 illustrations
Bebop Babies This 22 page Board Book features cute babies playing tribute to their idols Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Charlie Parker (saxophone), Sarah Vaughan (singer), Kenny Clarke/Max Roach (drums), and Charlie Christian (guitar).

Introduce your child to the world of music and musical instruments.
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