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Each Child Receives a Signed Book!
"Show and Tell"
How The Frong Got His BREE-DUP!
with The Balloon Galloon and/or How The Frog Got His BREE-DUP! picture books for ages 3 - 5, and possibly 6. Each child receives either a Balloon book or a Frog book.

as described below, usually for ages 6-8, sometimes 9. Each child receives a Little Ned Stories book.

How-To-Make-A-Book Mr. Faine will show your children — step-by-step — how a chapter-picture book is made.
Starting with the text, he will discuss where story ideas come from and show — in order — the first pencil draft, the first computer draft, and the finished product as published in a grownup magazine. Then he will loop back and show how he formatted the story for kids 4 - 8 (bigger size words, more space, easier to read). Next he will tackle the pictures, discussing how he worked with illustrator Joan C. Waites, showing examples of her draft and final illustrations.
He will next show what happens at the Printer, how the Printer Man takes photos of the text and picture pages, and prints them out — not on paper, but on aluminum and how — not one, but thirty-two pages — are put on one big aluminum sheet for printing on one big slab of paper. And, finally how the Folder Lady takes the slab of paper and folds and trims it down to book size pages.
He will next show the original multi-color artwork for the cover, and how the Printer Man — through the magic of four-color representation — produces the final cover that binds the pages together with glue and becomes a book!
Finally, Mr. Faine will delight your children with the book of the future: the hand held e-book!
"Coal Miner's Canary"
More Little Ned Stories
for ages 7 - 9. Performance consists of 1) a reading of the Canary story by myself and attending children, and 2) a slide discussion of the use of animals and children in Appalachian coal mines 200 years ago. Each child receives a More Little Ned Stories book.
"The Making of Bebop Babies"
Charlie Parker
for adults and children of all ages. The multi-media presentation features over 80 colorful slides of the Bebop Babies and their mentors: Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Sarah Vaughan. Bebop jazz era folklore will also be discussed. Visit bebopbabies.com for additional details.
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